Winning dogs


This is Roxy (Patterdale terrier x springer spaniel) showing off her first ever rosette – which she won at her first ever competition! This was in a UKA steeplechase run, which involves just jumps & tunnels, but was one of the proudest moments we’ve shared, especially since she had fractured her front leg around a year beforehand.

Some UKA competitions accept “pay on the day” competitors – so, upon returning from a week’s holiday and collecting Roxy the day before, I decided to take her to Dowty (Staverton) – just to have some fun. There were no expectations (at least not positive ones!) but my girl made me so incredibly proud. We got a 2nd place in agility (despite 10 faults) and a 1st place (big red rosette) in Novice Steeplechase (the next step up from beginners). We may have celebrated the last run a little too much, seeing as I broke the ring rope, but at least Roxy knew she had done well!!!


Daisy and I first started doing agility for fun, exercise and to create a stronger bond between us. We stayed on after the beginners’ course as were both really enjoying it, and made some good friends.
The first time we were able to show what we had learnt was a team display.
Confidence grew, and we started entering local competitions. I know Daisy isn’t the fastest dog (unless it’s a race to the food bowl), but we both have great fun. I was so pleased when we completed courses with no faults, and thrilled when we started collecting rosettes and getting placed.

This photo shows Daisy with her clear round rosette, one of my favourites. It is such a boost to know you as a handler and your dog have completed the course with no faults and in time. It was from here where the ‘Agility bug’ started.


Drift is a registered sheepdog  and was bought as a pup for this purpose.

During the day he is kept busy helping  with checking 240 sheep and several evenings a week, he does agility!

Earlier in the year he suffered an injury which kept him from his evening past time, but with the correct TLC and gentle conditioning training, he is back on form. Looking forward to 2016 to get back into competing.


I started agility with my first dog Molly who is a Yorkshire terrier cross in 2010 at a different club. When a friend of mine joined Whitminster and was telling me about different training methods, I thought they would suit Molly better so I contacted Whitminster and joined the club in June 2011. Since then Molly has done very well with her agility, she has improved greatly and done very well at competitions.

Molly is now novice grade for UK Agility steeplechase but still a beginner in the jumping and agility classes. She has had several rosettes including 2nd, 3rd, and 4th but we are still waiting for the 1st place rosette! That said I am extremely proud of her.


In January 2013 I started agility with my 2nd agility dog Harley who is a collie cross. He is a lot faster than Molly so it’s taken some time getting use to the speed difference! He is doing very well and has had a 2nd place in a steeplechase class but unfortunately he knocked a pole off, if he hadn’t knocked the pole off he would have won the class beating the 1st place dog by 7 seconds, that is how quick he is!!

We haven’t competed in the agility class as I am still working with him on his weaves and seesaw, as he likes to jump of the seesaw before it hits the ground.